FLAC encoding working for frontend player

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FLAC encoding working for frontend player

Postby Jaarde » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:04 am

All my music is in FLAC format. I've replay gained it all (tags which told the player to adjust the playback volume so that it matches the loudness of replay gain specification). I would like to stream my music with Subsonic so that I can listen it with web browsers when I'm not home. Though e.g. Chrome supports FLAC it doesn't understand replay gain values, at least not yet.

I thought that let's first decode the FLAC and then encode it with transcode options. FLAC converter has an option to apply replay gain when decoding. I though it would be perfect solution.

..until I found out that the web player cuts songs after x % of the original length of the song. Found an old bug related to this: https://sourceforge.net/p/subsonic/bugs/174/

I get the following from FLAC command line tool:
Code: Select all
[8/26/17 1:51:00 PM EEST]   INFO   InputStreamReaderThread   (c:\subsonic\transcode\flac) -: ERROR during encoding
[8/26/17 1:51:00 PM EEST]   INFO   InputStreamReaderThread   (c:\subsonic\transcode\flac) state = FLAC__STREAM_ENCODER_CLIENT_ERROR
[8/26/17 1:51:00 PM EEST]   INFO   InputStreamReaderThread   (c:\subsonic\transcode\flac)
[8/26/17 1:51:00 PM EEST]   INFO   InputStreamReaderThread   (c:\subsonic\transcode\flac) An error occurred while writing; the most common cause is that the disk is full.

My disc isn't full, neither is my computer out of RAM.

When I change the maximum bitrate of my player from no limit to lower, the transcoded songs get shorter and shorter.

With an external player the transcode works perfectly so with the frontend player the server must be expecting a file size resulting from x kbps. I don't know what the unlimited bitrate (no limit) is but it can't be truly unlimited because files transcoded to FLAC wont't get through completely. Actually the %b environmental variable resolves to 320 kbps though the player is set to "No limit". I don't get those error messages when I use an external player.

Could you please fix the bug? It would be nice that user could stream PCM (WAV) files which size is a result from input file's channel count, bit depth, sample rate and duration (of course, count on any other filtering, e.g. upsampling).
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