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Postby tranceConscious » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:47 pm

Good evening,

Finding duplicates and/or possible duplicates for tracks or albums
is something that I find really useful since my library is very big.
I am running subsonic on a proxmox host as a container.

How I am dealing with this right now is this:

I need to find all duplicates or possible duplicates (rmx's) of say Astral Projection's - Liquid Sun
My two library folders are:


So I login to my host and do:

$ cd /tank
$ find . -iname "*liquid*sun*"

That gives me a list of folders and files that contain "liquid" and "sun" and anything before, between and after.
This way I can see duplicates/remixes etc.

My idea is, if possible, to implement this functionality in subsonic.
Similar to the playing button that takes you to current playing track's album.

A duplicates button that shows you possible duplicates of the current playing track.

If there is a way to do this via API or some other way I am open to suggestions.

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