Actual artist images for API (getArtists.view)

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Actual artist images for API (getArtists.view)

Postby acroyear » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:32 am

When you browse via getMusicDirectory via the API and Subsonic has decided that the directory you're in or your current directory contains is an 'artist', then the coverArt for that directory is the artist image from When it thinks you're on an album, the cover art is the album artwork or the self-made one. Either way, you can trust the coverArt id to be the right one for the context, though really it is a best guess based on the context.

However, the one time that absolutely you can be sure that you have an artist, the coverArt for the artist...isn't. Instead, the getArtists and getArtist calls give you the coverArt for the first album that Subsonic has in the DB for that artist.

It would be nice if getArtists/getArtist would return the proper artist photo just as it does when you are browsing through getIndexes/getMusicDirectory.
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