fitbit ionic subsonic app

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fitbit ionic subsonic app

Postby disgustipated » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:07 am

I just got a fitbit ionic and there is apparently a large desire for music applications in the fitbit ecosystem based on what ive seen on forums. I was pretty surprised at the ecosystem of fitbit, they basically made their own mobile app and device infrastructure. I've started reading about their SDK a bit but I'm not a developer by trade and skill (i just read .net and python code for work and hack things together outside of work, not write anything from scratch except some scripts in vbs and powershell.) The existing music apps in fitbit are things like pandora and deezer, both of which require a subscription to even use them which i think is BS. Fitbit does have a music sync with their desktop app but its clunky and awkward. Reason I am here is because I used to be a huge subsonic user and still have my server running, it gave me the ability to sync and listen to all of my music anywhere i was even when most cell devices only had edge cell connectivity. Recently though all ive really used is google music as it has anything and everything. Using subsonic within fitbit would be awesome and allow me to listen to what i want easily. The reason you have to sub to pandora or deezer on the fitbit apps Im guessing is some licensing nonsense, but i want an easier way to listen to music i own on this little device. I'm thinking about trying to put some sort of app together to be able to sync with subsonic and cache the media locally to play, but it would take me a lot longer than someone more knowledgeable with coding in javascript and typescript. Anyone out there interested in taking on this task? I'm thinking a fitbit subsonic app would be able to cache music locally based on a search for listening to and selecting music for caching locally, as well as sync selected playlists.

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