shared playlist based on cloud storage like dropbox?

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shared playlist based on cloud storage like dropbox?

Postby larham » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:50 pm

Thanks for the excellent tools. I'm hoping the playlists of subsonic can be adapted to help with sharing:

What is the best way for a band to share a playlist of private rehearsal recordings, stored in a public cloud storage like Dropbox?

In this case, the band has rehearsal recordings of all tunes in a public cloud like Dropbox, where all the band members have login-based access (the rehearsal recordings are not public).  For a gig, we decide on the subset of tunes, and their order, and we'd like a way for each member to be able to easily rehearse through that list in order (preferably via a phone-app player).

Is there a way for me to create a subsonic playlist somehow, based on tunes in Dropbox (or other public cloud), and then somehow get that list to other members, so they too can play through that list?

For example, I can create a playlist sourced from Dropbox via Astiga (which I think uses subsonic playlists??), and I can rehearse that playlist via the Astiga app, but it isn't clear how I'd share the list to other members.

Thanks for any hints on anything that will help accomplish this playlist sharing.
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Re: shared playlist based on cloud storage like dropbox?

Postby 3Dscrewer » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:54 pm

Hi, I'm diggin a bit in the dirt, because english is not my native language .... but
At Windows is it possible to map WebDAV virtual to an local drive (like an Network or Server Drive to a client. I haven't tested but with that it should be possible to scan also that webdav folder, create a playlist and send it via share to your members. It crates a simple weblink for the browser. That will work also to mobile Devices, but newer Android Devices MUST switch the Browser to Desktop Mode, otherwise you will have only a black square.
Another way but it is limited to iOS, the AVSUB App for iphone has full support for ASTIGA. I'm interested what ASTIGA can do, but I didn't have the time to figure it out.

See PM, I have send an shared playlist

Edit: Dropbox don't offer WebDAV but for 5€ per month there is an connector like DropDAV and imho a free tool CarotDAV, Microsoft OneDrive is pretty useless for that, even if you can connect (with tricks) it is incredible slow.
Edit2: MagentaCloud for Customers 25GB for other 10GB free and Box offers WebDAV
Last edit ;-)
Create an upload folder, give your members (only) access to that folder, create the playlist and share it. No need for an cloud or even for Backup
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Re: shared playlist based on cloud storage like dropbox?

Postby larham » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:26 pm

Thanks @3d, for laboring through the language barrier.

I think you are suggesting that the playlist is a file that can be shared as a file. Thanks for that hint.

FYI, the astiga dev kindly suggested, in a separate communication, that as long as each member defined the storage (dropbox or whatever) in an identical way (name, etc.), then the astiga API could be used to export/import a working playlist. That's what I'll try next.

Thanks again,

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