Set default view to NEWEST instead of random

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Postby tacgnol » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:10 pm


Gotta love Java and it's awesome folder structures.
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Postby swocoom » Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:10 pm

Also, if you know what you are doing and wish to modify source code, you can change the file. Simply change the lines that say:

if (listType == null) {
listType = "random";

Change random to newest, recompile and replace HomeController.class with the new one you just compiled. Make sure to backup your old class file in case you made a mistake.
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Postby lucidwings » Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:02 am

swocoom wrote:Also, if you know what you are doing[...]

Hi there!
I'm not sure how to do that, could you upload that edited class file?
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Postby 3R3 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:10 pm

modding it yourself is fun, but on every new update its a mess to get every mod in again thats not yet a feature and NOT kill the search function ;)
so +1 to make it a feature, optional main page and optional modified/created date shown for newest tab.

EDIT: to have the suggested mod (newest view instead of random view in main tab) not only show up when manually navigating to home.view or when first logging in, but also when staying there refreshing as often as the randow view to keep the newest view almost updated in real-time, see this thread I made:
"Newest" as main view instead of "Random"

Thx to all the info in here I just put the working bits together and fiddled till it was right. Thx for everyone who contributed :)
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Re: Set default view to NEWEST instead of random

Postby operat0r » Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:22 pm

So I think the listSize used to work but now it does not as far as I can tell. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to only have max 50 songs when you have almost 100K songs… I tried in like 15 places for like 4+ hours and it passes the listSize parameter but does nothing… the only solution I found was to use complicated option (not really under active development and I didn’t want to complicate things further..) or the ‘more’ button on the left navigation menu and replace the ‘Shuffle play’ default value 20 with my own…

Replace the 1000 with how ever many you want to load.. This still does not solve the problem of “recent” with more then 50 albums but that’s manageable ..

# script
find / -iname "more.jsp" -exec sed 's/value="20"/value="1000"/g' -i".bk.$RANDOM" '{}' \;

# example changes ... 3615105cea

Things I tried:
• Used Web developer plugin to clear cookies
• Went into settings and deleted all the players
• Restarted subsonic
• It could be a java/class/jsp thing but I don’t want to have to compile any java just for more then 50 songs …
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