tab order on login page

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tab order on login page

Postby Joe_Archer » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:14 pm

this should be an easy one to fix :D

could you change the tabindex or reorder the form elements on the login page so that pressing tab whilst the password field is selected takes you to the "remember me" tick box, rather than the login button, as it does now.

It's a niggle I know, but it will speed up my login process, and it's good interface design :)

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Postby sindre_mehus » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:57 pm

Hi Joe,

Sorry for the late reply. I've changed the tab order in Subsonic 3.0 as per your suggestion.

Thanks for your input :-)
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Postby Joe_Archer » Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:06 pm

Thanks for all your hard work, I'm really enjoying version 3, the lastfm integration especially :)
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