Add song / album / artist as the next to be played.

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Add song / album / artist as the next to be played.

Postby kdid » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:09 am

Just a minor suggestion to a really great piece of software.

In iTunes you have a Partymix mode where you can add songs to a automatically growing playlist. That feature is cool in itself, and I would like to see something similar in Subsonic, but the part I would really like to see in Subsonic is an extra button together with the Play, Add, Download buttons for each song / album / artist. Namely a "Add as Next" button, [N] perhaps, that would add the song / album / artist into the playlist as the next thing to be played.

The playlist itself also should have this [N] button to move the song in the playlist so that that song would be the next one to be played.

Note. The song should be inserted into the playlist. It shall not be added as the next thing and then truncate the playlist.

I know you have the problem with buffring in the player, so what you belive is going to be the next song would not necessary be played after the one you currently are listening too, but I guess that is a matter of finding a player that have a small enough streaming buffer. VLC uses a smaller buffer than WMP.
-- kdid
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