Make use of file system structure for navigation/selection

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Make use of file system structure for navigation/selection

Postby Anonymouss » Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:02 pm


Subsonic looks great and seems to be a well-thought out system! :lol:

My music is organized in a file system structure, and artists and albums are the last two level of it. Directories represent styles of music, with various variations down the directory tree. Like /audio/Rock/Southern/ZZ Top/Deguello/. There are also symbolic links around to "similar" types of music, e.g. .../Metal/Gothic has similarities to .../Electro/Industrial, hence there are symlinks making access to that other music easier.

That allows to choose music based on the type of what I would like to hear at the moment, and just shuffle through artist of that mood.

It would be nice, if Subsonic could make use of the structure already there and not constrain one to Artists as top level of navigation.

Thanks for your efforts and your fine software! :!:

Postby sindre_mehus » Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:52 pm


Maybe you could try to configure separate media folders (in the Settings page) for each category, e.g.,

Media folder 1: Rock/Southern
Media folder 2: Metal/Gothic
Media folder 3: Electro/Industrial

and so on. You will then get a combo box in the left frame from which you can choose category (or show all merged).

Please note that symlinks currently don't work in Subsonic. It's in my plan to support it in the next release.

Regards, Sindre
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One non-issue and one solution

Postby anonymouss » Mon May 15, 2006 8:48 pm


thanks for the very quick reply. :o

Actually, the question regarding the directory structure seems to be a non-issues, as the left navigation frame in deed listst the directories, not Genres. This-is-GREAT! :D

No following symlinks is, er, sub-optimal. :roll: Actually, it's worse: subsonic upon encountering a symbolic link throws an exception and just stops. This is a show stopper! :shock: Just continuing would be extremely more helpful.

As a workaround, I mounted the filesystem a second time (it's NFS-based), with the nosymfollow mount flag, which surprisingly doesn't bother subsonic, hence the scan process continues. Wonderful! :?

Thanks for your great work! :P

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