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play:Sub 1.3 for iOS is out

Postby Michael Bech Hansen » Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:31 pm


I'm pleased to to announce that play:Sub 1.3 has hit the App Store.

Here's the "What's New" text from the App Store:

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tl;dr: Artist Radio, Similar Artists, Top Songs, Genres and more.

New features:
• Much improved handling of large media collections.
• Full Starring support:
  Starring of artist, albums, tracks and folders.
  Starring works in both online and offline mode.
  Items starred when offline is synced at first chance.
• Artist Radio (Subsonic 5.1)
• Similar Artists (Subsonic 5.1)
• Top Songs from artist (Subsonic 5.3)
• Genre support:
  View All, Random or Starred albums from a genre.
  View Random or Starred songs from a genre.
• Server-based search in addition to play:Sub search.
• Enhanced browsing:
  Access different views by tapping the list title.
  Browse albums as:
    All Albums (alphabetical)
    Random Albums
    Starred Albums
    Recently Added Albums
    Frequently Played Albums
    Recently Played Albums
    Cached Albums.
  Browse Artists as:
    All Artists (alphabetical)
    Random Artists
    Starred Artists
    Cached Artists
  Browse individual artist as:
    Albums by year
    Albums by name
    Similar Songs / Artist Radio.
    Similar Artists
    Top Songs
  Browse songs as:
    Random Songs
    Starred Songs
    Cached Songs
• Secure authentication for Subsonic 5.3 servers.
• User interface tweaks:
  Optionally enqueue single tracks instead of playing “container”.
  Optionally fetch artist imagery from (Subsonic 5.1)
And of course the usual tweaks, performance improvements and fixes.

For feature requests or issues:
please use the in-app form (play:Sub | Feedback),
or the contact form on

The handling of large collections was the major painpoint in the previous release, and play:Sub has gone through quite a lot of internal changes to improve that.
With that out of the way, I still have a long list of things to add to play:Sub next year.

Developer of play:Sub for iOS.
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