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Subsonic Linux Distro

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:03 pm
by dbutts
Hi All,
I've been a subsonic user for years now, both on Linux and Windows.

I still love the application... but.. my most recent pc is on the edge of death and I'd like to install this on a linux distro on an old acer aspire r1600.

OpenElec has a great lightweight packaged distro but I like Subsonic better.

Has anyone created a lightweight or JEOS that has subsonic, php, mysql, etc already installed? I'm pressed for time and don't feel like going thru the whole setup.. (yet again).

Re: Subsonic Linux Distro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:44 pm
by jarome
I run it on OpenSUSE 13.2, which I really like. It takes just 5 minutes to install Subsonic.
1. Download the RPM
2. As root do
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rpm -ivh The_rpm_name

3. Make a new system user to run subsonic. I called it subsonic
4. Make sure that user subsonic has rw access to the music files
5. edit /etc/sysconfig/subsonic and set
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and also up the memory if you have enough
6. Fill in the Web interface with your preferences.
7. in /etc/init.d/subsonic, also set the user to subsonic, and comment out the function line (41)
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# Run as root if SUBSONIC_USER is not set.
[ "$SUBSONIC_USER" = "subsonic" ] && SUBSONIC_USER=root

8. reboot to get the user changed properly.