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Useful thing to do

Postby grant420 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:29 am

If you would like to stream 320kbps to a Player accessing your SubSonic server over the web, and WAV quality FLACs on your home HiFi check it out:

You need to setup three transcoders total: one that does the default (i.e. convert everything to mp3), one that does the default with flac removed, and a third that converts flac to wav. Just to be clear - the first one is the default transcoder that is setup when you install the SubSonic server on your home PC. The second is the same with FLAC removed. The third I just figured out today, and is
1) setup a transcoder called FLAC2WAV as follows:

convert from: flac
convert to: wav
step 1: ffmpeg -i %s -map 0:0 -f wav -

2) Setup a 2nd transcoder called mp3 w/o FLAC that is the exact same as the default transcoder only you remove FLAC from the CONVERT FROM field

3) Create a new User, and point your externally accessible subsonic IP (or however you get to your home server when you are outside of your home) to login using this User's credentials.

4) under Settings > Players give your new User's Player a bit rate limit of 320kpbs, and force it to only use the default transcoder (or like in the example screenshot I called my transcoder mp3 w/ flac): ... s.png?dl=0

5) Under settings > players force the user you intend to listen to CD or better quality music to use the Admin user (or one of your choice) and here you'll configure it to use just the two transcoders that you added in steps 1 and 2. In my examples above they are mp3 w/o FLAC and FLAC2WAV
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