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moov atom

Postby jjbrash2012 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 6:24 am

Hi All,

I have some video files which will take a long time to start playing through subsonic. I understand that this is because the "moov atom" is at the end of these video files and not at the beginning. This is described here ...
I know that if I transcode the video files with
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ffmpeg -i <input file> -c:v copy -c:a copy -movflags +faststart <output file>

then the video will playback immediately in subsonic.

My question here is - is there any way that I can configure Subsonic to automatically move the "moov atom" for any video file I play? In the transcode settings I can only see preset transcoding settings for audio files, but not for video. I have already tried to manually set transcoding for mp4/mkv to mp4 format using
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ffmpeg -i %s -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -b:a 128k -profile:v high -preset ultrafast -crf 25 -threads 0 -movflags +faststart -

but this does not make a difference.

If I can avoid having to process all of my video files via a cron task, and have Subsonic do it on the fly that would be great.
Anybody know a solution for this?
Thanks - Justin
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