How to install Subsonic on OpenFiler

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How to install Subsonic on OpenFiler

Postby mk6032 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:15 am

This tutorial will install Subsonic to an OpenFiler box ( This was written using OpenFiler 2.3 x86.

SSH to your OpenFiler box as root. It's always a good idea to update all packages first.
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conary updateall

Because GCC includes Java-related support, the potential exists for conflicts between the GCC and JDK documentation. To minimize the chance for conflicts, make sure your system has the latest version of GCC installed.
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conary update gcc

Next, issue the following command to determine whether you have GCC's Java-specific packages (called gcc-java) installed:
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conary query gcc-java

:!: No conflict exists between the GCC and Java documentation provided the command returns the message: gcc-java was not found

Then, install the JDK by issuing the following command as root:
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conary update sun-jdk --resolve

However, if your system has gcc-java installed, a conflict exists between the gcc-java:doc and the sun-jdk:doc components, and must be resolved in one of two ways:

* By removing the gcc-java:doc component and then installing sun-jdk:
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conary erase gcc-java:doc
conary update sun-jdk --resolve

* By installing sun-jdk, but excluding the sun-jdk:doc component:
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conary update sun-jdk --resolve --exclude-troves sun-jdk:doc

Download Subsonic standalone:
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Make a home for Subsonic and extract the tarball into it.
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mkdir /var/subsonic && tar -zxvf subsonic-3.7-standalone.tar.gz -C /var/subsonic

Run Subsonic like you would any other script:
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