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How to setup and configure subsonic signature

PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:26 am
by dazbobaby
This is incomplete, your signature will work, but your PC will be insecure, use at your own risk.
I'm hoping someone familiar with web security can fill in the blanks.
I'm using WAMP server on Windows 7. If you have linux then consult the forums for your distro on how to setup Apache and PHP.
Also anyone on a dynamic IP will need to change their IP address everytime it changes. Mine is dynamic but I've had the same IP for over 12 months!
Just go back to and then into control panel.

1. Software
Firstly you'll need the signature code: ... -signature
Seconldly you'll need WAMP server:
Lastly you'll need to setup a domain (dont worry it's free)

Best bet is to start with the free domain, it takes time to filter through the worlds name servers before any of this will work.
So get yourself to and resgister.
You'll need your internet IP address, so go to to find that out, write it down as you'll need it to configure the domain.

Setup a Domain Name
First step, select a memorable domain name:

Now for the tricky bit:
Entering the details, you must select DNS then enter your IP address details from

Once thats done... you'll see this screen:

So now for wamp server.

Wamp server is a complete webserver package, Apache, PHP and MySQL
I've disabled MySQL on my PC, chances are you dont need it either.
download and install Wamp server, this takes a little while and if you haven't done this already... get a move on, my tea's going cold.
Once thats done you'll see a green icon on your task bar:
It's the orange one, mines orange because I've disabled MySQL, yours should be green.
The default install directory is c:\wamp and your files for the signature should go into c:\wamp\www\sig, so make a folder called sig in c:\wamp\www
copy all the files from the signature download into said folder.

you can ignore the TTF files, these are my custom fonts, the defaults will be fine for now, you can tweak later to your hearts content.

now to edit the files you need.
Enter the correct details of the user you want to track, mines dazbobaby, my admin is different, so choose your ADMIN login and password.
make sure the address to the server is localhost:8080 (this port number is default and if you've changed yours you need to enter the correct port number too.
Save the file and you're done.
you can tweak all the settings later, but now test the sig first.

To get your signature working and visible to all enter and thats it.
Obviously your domain name will be different to mine, so enter your registered domain.

Job done.

Many thanks to Don Pearson, ByteTheGroove, and SparkyRih for sharing the signature code.

Re: How to setup and configure subsonic signature

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:55 pm
by dazbobaby
as you can see I've deleted the images from my gallery, in fact, I deleted the gallery. It took up 9GB of my 10GB allowance. So now I'm hosting them myself.

Some recent changes I've made:
1. Dropped they changed my domain 3 times, and deleted it.
2. I've registered a new domain and forwarded the "A" record to my home PC.

this is exactly the same as the above method.

Re: How to setup and configure subsonic signature

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:16 pm
by dazbobaby
As of last week I started hosting domains/websites.
If anyone is interested in having their signature hosted away from their PC, let me know.
I can host it on my domain - or a separate domain.
If you want to use my signature code, but customised to your needs, I can do that too.
Custom images, fonts and text.

PM me here and we'll discuss it.

Re: How to setup and configure subsonic signature

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:01 pm
by dazbobaby
Yes it's up and running again.