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mass convert videos to one stream-able format

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:49 am
by lbvagrant
iv looked and looked for info on this and seem to find alot of info on converting but nothing solid...
i have a few thousand movies and tv series -bout 5 terabytes - all in avi, flv, mpeg, mp4, divx, and the list goes on... and id like to convert them all at once.
at the moment if a movie gives me issues or is watched alot and has to be converted alot i will use the "optimize for streaming" option, but it only does one movie at a time and i have to choose each and move it and all...
i would like an option to convert an entire folder as a batch thing...
and to make them all a stream-able format at the same time... anyone know of such a tool?
iv done batch conversions with images before and was hoping for a video tool to do the same

and if i do find a tool for such actions what are the best format setting to choose...?
bit rate - audio format - all that good stuff?

thnx in advance for any help with this... :mrgreen: