Will pay for Subsonic mIRC script

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Will pay for Subsonic mIRC script

Postby Excessive » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:12 am

Hello, I'm looking for someone that can/will write a script for SS and mIRC. It should be similar to the AMIP for Winamp or Foobar2000 but with some additions.
I would like some extra commands with it as follows:

!list - lists available commands for subsonic (ie: !list , !display <on>, etc) in /notice output to the user, so it doesn't fill the channel screen
!display <on> - turns on current song display in channel
!display <off> - turns off current song display in channel
!display <share> - displays current song in channel with share link
!search <artist - song> - searches for artist and song
!download <current> - downloads current song to user
!download <artist - song> - downloads song to user by artist name and song title
!play <artist - song> - plays song by artist name and song title to the user with display in channel containing share link

There should also be a settings file for the script where one can enter the channels that the script will be active.
It should also have flood protection for those that deliberately misuse the script (ie: 1 command per 3 seconds per user) and ignore flooding user for x minutes.
I am using the AustNet IRC server if one needs anymore info about the network.
The "!display <on>, !play <artist - song> and !display <share>" commands should have an output to the channel as an action (/me output) displaying the currently playing song.
I can pay about $100.00 to $150.00 Australian for he who is keen on writing this script.
Please inbox me if up to the task or have any questions.
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