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Re: Subsonic for Synology

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:21 am
by vferg
I was able to figure out how to setup transcoding on Synology and since I don't see much on it here I will share my setup n hopes that it helps someone else. I installed the ffmpeg package from Cytec from the SynoCommunity source. SSH into your Synology, shutdown subsonic if its running, and change directory to the subsonic transcode directory, mine is /volume2/subsonic/transcode (Please verify volume number on your setup since yours most likely will differ, you could also be using /var as well). From there you will run command ln -s /volume2/@appstore/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg ffmpeg (again please verify which volume number you install your applications on, most likely its volume1 and if it is please change volume2 to volume1) which should create a symbolic link in the transcode directory. Start subsonic again and you should now be able to transcode FLAC files to MP3 with the default commands that were already setup in subsonic, I tested this using a web browser and trying to play FLAC since FLAC would not play within it and they are now working fine.