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Mod testing / bug reporting 101

Postby 3R3 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:05 am

Things to do when you want to test a mod and not be sorry afterwards:

1. stop server
2. Backup complete SS folder
3. clear your browsers cache AND cookies
4. restart browser
5. clear subsonics internal cache (the jetty cache is at subsonic/jetty/<num>/jsp/org/apache/jsp/WEB_002dINF

6. edit servers files to be modded

7. restart server
If people follow these simple guidelines, mod makers and users alike will have a much easier time trying to find out whats wrong and how to fix it. Basically it eradicates a few common pitfalls and sources of error on the servers side when modding subsonic.

Especially stopping the server and clearing internal cache before editing JSP files is essential. If not done it can lead to very strange behaviour like subsonic showing files like main or index view while you long deleted them, out of frustration that subsonic doesnt reflect your latest edit to them.

Happy modding
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