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Android App Issues

Postby Morkeleb » Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:44 pm


I have several problems with the subsonic android client (both with version 2.6 and 2.7):

* error in slide-down bar displayed as soon as the sd-card is no longer available to subonic that won't go away:

Error playing "<track title>"
MediaPlayer error: 100 (0) (Exception)

* once the sd-card is available to subsonic again, it plays the next track (the one coming after that of which the error was reported) without asking. Others have reported this too, but to me it happens also when usb debug mode is not active.

I have described those first two more in detail here: ... 4879#24879

* Subsonic does not remember where I was when browsing the server (second button on the bottom).

For instance:
- I click second button, go into a folder and maybe subfolder
- Then click another button (like search)
- Then click second button again. I will be at the root of the server again.

This is very annoying. Does not happen when using the back-button, so apparently the browsing-state it is stored, but not always re-stored.

* Subsonic has a fixed configured timout of 10 seconds

This is too short for slow servers. After the first 10 seconds, it will retry again for another four times, but always for 10 seconds before re-sending the request. This does not help since the server will have to start dowing the work from scrach (apparently no caching).

A confiturable timout amount would be nice, but at least increase the timout to 30 seconds or a minute.

When I want to serve content from a remote NAS this causes such timeouts, except if I run subsonic directly on the NAS server itself.

* No integrated video-player.

I is very annoding that there is no integrated video player but instead the browser is opened with a flash-player.
An integrated player would do much better both in performance and in convenience.

I know this is not a bug. Consider it a feature-request.

It would be grate if Subsonic developers could respond to what they think of these points, and if some of them will be fixed.

Otherwise, it's a nice and useful app (frankly, the only I know of that supports streaming the own media-library remotely).

To other readers: Could you please confirm if you also have those problems (or annoying features)?

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