Figure out a Solution to Grouping Artists Together Better

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Figure out a Solution to Grouping Artists Together Better

Postby vferg » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:08 pm

I enjoy having all my tags and be exactly what they are supposed to be. So in the case of having an artist do a collaboration album with another artist this means I have to create a new artist folder entitled something like "Artist 1 & Artist 2". This works and if proper tags are applied it even gets the artist info and everything. Now what I think would be a great feature is to somehow have the albums for the collaboration also be listed under the main artist because more often than not there's no way you can keep track of all the things some artist do with others and these albums kind of get lost in the shuffle since I don't think to look for these. If listing the albums is someway impossible to do this way is there a way to at least have the artist page also list all the collaborations so you can click them to get to the other stuff? I know this project has slowed down a lot over the years but if anyone is still out there I think this would help a lot of people out and allow a lot more music by the artist to be found easier than remembering who they did collaborations with over the years to find that 1 album they had with so and so.

Thanks in advance!
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