Performance with a large music library

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Performance with a large music library

Postby essal » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:41 pm

How big are your music libraries? How big of a library should Subsonic be able to handle?

I have quite a lot of music loaded in to Subsonic and it seems to be fairly slow. I am using the standalone version, running on Debian.

Does Subsonic have any kind of cache for directory listings?

I have my music sorted something like /genre/album/. Some directories have /genre/subgenre/album/. Opening a /genre/ directory with a a fair amount of albums takes forever (over 10 seconds) and opening a album from said genre takes another 3-4 seconds, which is a ridiculously long time to display the tracks/information about a single album.

Is Subsonic just that bad of a resource hog that I would need to allocate a sh*t load more resources to the server running it?


Just found the thread about +200G libraries.

Since that thread is dedicted to just listing HW specs, here someone could enlighten me on the inner workings of Subsonic or offer better alternatives. I'm especially interested about the (no existent?) Subsonic cacheing and what kind of database does Subsonic use? Does it read the directory listings everytime from the disk and do some magic with that or does it have directory listings / information stored in some DB? How come showing a single album takes so long?
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How Big is Big?

Postby LeTsRiPiT » Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:24 pm

As you can see at the bottom of this post I'm running a fairly big(?) library. Though I don't believe there are any limits.

I think the limits are what ever your rig can handle. I'm running a quad core 2.4, 8gig DDR3 ram. It seems to handle any workload I have asked it too.

I have allocated additional resources to the severs memory limit. Currently I am using approx. 266 mg of memory and have allocated 1024 mg. This has kept the server speedy for me and my guests.

As far as a cache for the directory's I believe it does retain some directory information for a given length of time ( I have modified my servers gui and sometimes it took a while to update) though I have not narrowed down that length.

I have my directories broken down into the alphabet which is like A/artist/album/..

I do not use genre because of the dispute between them (ie..Rock, Classic Rock. who determines what is just Rock and what is Classic Rock? for those of us who are older than 30, what was once Rock is now Classic.) And being that my collection is at a size that re-genre artist's would be laborious and of no gain to the accuracy of the collection.

There is a server search under settings that can searh your allocated folders for changes at a given time, daily,2 days, 3 day etc... I have mine set for daily, though i do not make changes that often when I do, It allows me not to have to tell it to search to update. I know it will be updated by the next day.

I hope this helps a little.
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Postby NiteFlame » Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:19 am

my library has nearly the same size (~ 2 TB) and contains also videos.

I had some performance issues earlier and solved them only by increasing the memory settings within the control panel (from 64 (default) to 256 mb).
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