Setup https: on MacOS Subsonic for remote access.

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Setup https: on MacOS Subsonic for remote access.

Postby KAHeintzelman » Wed May 11, 2022 1:37 pm

I see the instructions on the one Subsonic setup page.

I understand how to setup the port number in the .plist file for secure Web access.

The rest of the instructions are absolutely meaningless to me.

The Keystore crap, and how to get or generate a key or whatever, where to put it etc.. How to add the appropriate lines to the .plist file, etc.

Nothing worse than instructions written by people who are programmers, and not just end users.

Would someone please provide some help on how to make my subsonic server securely accessable via https: from a remote client browser?

I really need to get this setup.

Thank you!

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