search index folder bug?

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search index folder bug?

Postby slarty » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:44 pm

hiya folks,

first i want to tell you: i love subsonic and i will keep on testing some time until i donate coz i think it really deserves that! <3

seems i have found a bug or maybe just some stupid blindness by me, but i tried several things and was not able to fix it:
i added 2 mp3 folders:
x:\200x\ << inside there are dirs like "2001", "2002", etc ...
x:\labels\ << inside dirs like "audiolith", "m_nus" etc...
(to explain: inside both folder are subfolders and in the subfolders are folders like "artist - album")
after adding the folder i did start an update of the search index and waited till scan finished. then i tried several search test but subsonic was not able to find any of the dirs in the "year" folders. it found only stuff from the "label" folders. i also removed the "year" folder again and re-added it, did rescan for search index and searched again, but same shit.. no matches from the "year" folders. :/

any ideas maybe?
thanks for help!
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Postby hawaii2000 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:05 am


I have the same problem.

I have two music folders:


Identically named folders exist under each, e.g., h:\retro2\a\aerosmith and p:\retro\a\aerosmith. The problem is even though "All folders" is selected in the alphabetic index, only folders under h:\retro2 are visible. When I select "retro", nothing changes, that is, only folders under h:\retro2 are visible. When I select "retro2", only folders under p:\retro are visible.

So . . .

"All folders" doesn't show all folders but shows only h:\retro2 folders.

"retro" shows only h:\retro2 folders.

"retro2" shows only p:\retro folders.

So "retro" and "retro2" are backwards. And "All folders" is "retro."

Meanwhile search input box finds target in both "retro" and "retro2."
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Postby spazzmonkeys » Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:27 pm

It seems like there are a few bugs with "merged" folders. I haven't had that specific problem with subsonic 4.1 on linux, but I found another related to having two folders being artificially combined by subsonic.

I have the music folders:
/My Music/Soundtracks
/Girlfriend's Music/Soundtracks

Clicking on Soundtracks under "All Folders" works perfectly. I can see both music from both folders. However, once I have navigated to an album within Soundtracks, the breadcrumb back up will only lead to the physical folder that album is under.
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