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Playback speed

Postby zoredache » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:11 pm

I subscribe to podcasts, and listen to lots of audio books, and I would like to use subsonic for this.

One thing that would make this experience better is if I could playback at a higher speed.

It sure seems to me that I should be able to accomplish this by setting up something in transcoding, but I am not figuring out how to get this to work.

This is the trans-coding rule I tried to setup, but the rules seem to not be used. I suspect, but am not sure, that this is happening because the transcoding is not used if the file is already an mp3? Is there a way to force a transocode to happen even if I have the same input and output formats?

Name: mp3 * 1.5
From: mp3
To: mp3
Step1: sox %s -t wav - speed 1.5 pitch -700
Step2: lame -b %b - -

If I use `sox file.mp3 -t wav - speed 1.5 pitch -700| lame -b 64 - fast.mp3` I get a file that is playable.
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