Integration to MusicBrainz?

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Integration to MusicBrainz?

Postby psych0munky » Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:13 pm

I have been using Music Brainz for a number of years to tag every incoming file I get (including those ripped from my own CDs). I was thinking that the edit tags functionality could be enhanced to be able to search musicbrainz and pull tag info from there...

- Munky
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Postby pr1nc1p3 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:40 pm

This is the most important new feature that we can expect, because if people understand the power of a strong tag system they can enjoy things like that:

-- Imagine all your music order like --

AC_DC (1976-05-14) High Voltage [GB][compilation][official][9]
AC_DC (1976-11-05) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [GB][album][official][9]
AC_DC (1977-06-23) Let There Be Rock [US][album][official][8]
AC_DC (1978-05-25) Powerage [US][album][official][9]
AC_DC (1979-07-27) Highway to Hell [GB][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1979-11-08) Highway to Hell [AU][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1980) Back in Black [XE][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1981-11-23) For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) [US][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1983-08-15) Flick of the Switch [US][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1984-10-15) '74 Jailbreak [CA][ep][official][5]
AC_DC (1985-06-28) Fly on the Wall [US][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1986-05-20) Who Made Who [US][soundtrack][official][9]
AC_DC (1988-01-25) Blow Up Your Video [GB][album][official][10]
AC_DC (1990) The Razors Edge [XC][album][official][12]
AC_DC (1992-10-27) Live (disc 1) [US][live][official][12]
AC_DC (1992-10-27) Live (disc 2) [US][live][official][11]
AC_DC (1994-10-18) If You Want Blood You've Got It [US][live][official][10]
AC_DC (1995-09-22) Ballbreaker [AU][album][official][11]
AC_DC (2000-02-25) Stiff Upper Lip [XE][album][official][12]
AC_DC (2008) Black Ice [AU][album][official][15]

People, this names are all AUTOMATIC, when subsonic can handle musibrain metadata we reach a perfect music collection.

ThX, hello from Spain!
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