Shortcut Entries not in Index

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Shortcut Entries not in Index

Postby 3R3 » Fri May 22, 2009 8:38 am

This might not be a bug, but actually a feature, but eitherway my request is to make it configurable: In 3.6, when adding directory shortcuts for the index list, the shortcutted directory will not show up in the list anymore. i think it would make much more sense and be more intuitive if it behaved like the letter shortcuts, eg. sitting at the top and in the index.


maybe the index creation was just being selective on new folders, some showed, and some days later...strange, but now it works (it did before the upgrade to 3.7 though) so its something with the index creation.

in fact, after adding some albums today (3.7 standalone this time), i noticed some where in the index after re-searching the index, and most were not, then 2 (!) days alter, after some checking in between, they are there (hard to reproduce i'm afraid)
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