DSub + Chromecast + Sonos PlayBar = SONOS WIN!

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DSub + Chromecast + Sonos PlayBar = SONOS WIN!

Postby mockingbrd » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:29 pm

First, thanks for the Chromecast compatibility! It is by no means a cheap option, but for those out there with a Chromecast and a Sonos PlayBar, this FINALLY bridges the gap between one’s music collection, in its entirety, and one’s Sonos system! Sonos’ proprietary software aggravatingly limits digital music libraries to 60,000 tracks.

It’s still not ideal, since it’s expensive and you have to dedicate the PlayBar and the television in which its connected to, to only music, but it works for now!

Send a playlist via DSub to the Chromecast/Sonos PlayBar // Group the PlayBar with other Sonos speakers throughout the house // Great success!

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Re: DSub + Chromecast + Sonos PlayBar = SONOS WIN!

Postby daneren2005 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:40 pm

Great. I'm glad to hear that people are putting it to uses I never even considered :D
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