Sonos controller - Unable to browse library

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Sonos controller - Unable to browse library

Postby jakobr90 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:53 am


I just wanted to set up my new Sonos speaker with Subsonic but a strange issue occured:
Everything seems to work and i can even access all album lists and play music from there, the only thing which i can't get to work is browsing the library. As soon as I tap on 'browse library' I get a spinning wheel and after a few seconds it tells 'Unable to browse library'. So currently I am not able to browse my music by artists, my only possibility is to select music via the album list.

Has anyone run into the same problem with Sonos controller?

Subsonic log does not seem to have logged anything useful (only thing I see is 'unable to find artist bio for XYXY' from LastFM service but i doubt thats a real problem).
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